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I am so excited to finally be launching my website and start contributing to my journal!  I plan to explore interior design ideas and my projects, but also all aspects of lifestyle and design.  Entertaining, travel, motherhood, anything that touches my life and I find of importance to share.  After all, that is what design really is, the visual representation of our, hopefully full and thriving, lives. I hope you enjoy!

I get asked all the time, “So, what’s your style?”  As a designer it is sometimes difficult to describe your own style because you are constantly wearing other people’s hats.  When I am working with a client I try and think like that client and get so wrapped up in what would be perfect for them, through a designer’s lens of course.  Would I do the same thing in my home?  Most times, no I wouldn’t but that is because we are all different and lead different lives.  I don’t understand client’s when they are easily swayed by what their neighbor, cousin, mother or friend has to say about how their design schemes are coming together.  Something they initially loved can be torn down in just a few comments from another person.  I usually respond to this by saying, yes but they don’t need to like it, they don’t live here with you, you need to love it.

I do find it extremely fun to try and see interiors through someone else’s eyes.  I try and picture myself as the client and when I come home what do I want to see?  What am I coming home from?  Who am I coming home to?  What am I carrying?  What do I want to do first?  Am I home during the day?  How do I relax at night?  Do I have children? Pet? Aging parents? I do have a degree in cultural anthropology as well so I find the actual human aspect of interiors fascinating!

So what is my true style? If pressed, I would have to say modern classic with a bit of whimsy.  I like four poster beds with all the hangings but in a fresh new fabric not necessarily a chintz, however, I have learned to never say never!  I like an element of eclectic collected items.  I enjoy incorporating objects that tell a story about the person’s life (client or my own).  Items from travel, childhood, etc.  Even if it is something that many may find hideous but it is very special to the client, I will try and incorporate.  It is their space, and as the designer we just try and make it the best and most beautiful space for them to live their full and thriving lives.

Typical Design Styles- The three big ones that are referenced most

Transitional / I think of transitional as a safe bet. It doesn’t move in extremes

Transitional kitchen via pinterest


Traditional / Classic, based in historic references

Tradtitional Mario Buatta Living Room for Patricia Altschul


Modern / Using modern elements and classic modern designers.
Can be minimalist.  Usually not a layered look.

Modern Kelly Behun for Ivanka Trump


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