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That last storm we had in New England was pretty intense.  I love that our neighborhood has a lot of beautiful mature trees but when it snows 2′, it becomes terrifying!  We didn’t leave the house for two days and I spent some time looking through our books while my toddler played.  I have a million books, so it was nice to have a little time to appreciate them.  I was looking through Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People and the images of Marina Rust and her life in Maine brought tears to my eyes. I’ve seen them before of course but this summer we rented a house in Maine and I can’t wait to share this special place with my then almost three year old son.

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If you have ever been to Maine, the moment you look at these pictures you just know that these were taken in southern Maine.  That coast line is like no other.  You can smell the slight chill that is always in the air except for maybe a short lived two week break in August.

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Photos: Conde Nast

I have spent time in Maine every single summer since I was eight days old.  Rumor has it I was eating lobster on the deck at Barnacle Billy’s but I doubt it went that far.  I’m sure my subconscious remembers the moment, if you have ever sat on that deck you know what I mean.  The boats, the water, the midday sun, the clanging of the sails, it is heaven and you never want to leave.

Another book that caught my eye earlier this year which I revisited yesterday was Gil Shafer’s, A Place to Call Home.  The New England pool house he designed for a client, is awe inspiring.  I think about it at least once a day.

See what I mean..

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Photography: Billy Cunningham in AD

The attention to detail and the importance placed on feeling is evident in all of his work.

But his house in Maine and the connection he felt when he rented the house one summer and then made it his own, is something I can truly understand.


Photography: Simon Upton

Part of what I love about Maine is that nothing is too precious.  Floors are creaky, antiques are in the house because the previous owner left them or they have been in the family for generations. 

I can remember our simple house in Maine growing up, we had a hand crank coffee grinder in the kitchen attached to the wall, an outdoor shower, and an attic loft with a bunch of twin beds always filled with kids.  It was everything a summer house should be and nothing more.

This summer I look forward to lunch at Barnacle Billy’s and sitting on that deck, walking the marginal way, trolley rides, candy store trips, and long days at the beach making drip castles and eating ice cream. Maybe we will buy a house there before the summer is over.. wouldn’t that be nice!

What are your favorite summer memories?







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